Skuggsjá Cd By Ivar Bjørnson And Einar Selvik - Viking Cds
Skuggsjá Cd By Ivar Bjørnson And Einar Selvik - Viking Cds

Skuggsjá CD by Ivar Bjørnson And Einar Selvik

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Skuggsjá is a musical piece written by Ivar Bjørnson and Wardruna's Einar Selvik.
The growing desire to present Skuggsjá to a broader audience has ultimately led the Bjørnson and Selvik to record the piece in its entirety.

Skuggsjá translates into ‘mirror’ or ‘reflection’ in the Norse language, and the piece not only contextualizes harder music’s role in the democracy in Norway in 2014, but also joins threads from the country’s ancient musical history and solidifies harder music’s position as Norway`s most important cultural export.

By highlighting ideas, traditions and instruments of their Norse past, it tells the history of Norway and reflect relevant aspects from the past into the present day.
In a magnificent tapestry of metal instrumentation, a wide variety of Norway´s and Scandinavia’s oldest instruments, and poetry in Norse and Norwegian, it is a fusion between past and present, both lyrically and musically.

  • Released in 2016 by Einar Selvik & Ivar Bjørnson.
  • 10 awesome tracks: Intro: Ull Kjem, Skuggsjá, Makta Og Vanæra - For All Tid, Tore Hund, Rop Fra Røynda - Mælt Fra Minne, Skuggeslåtten (instrumental), Kvervandi, Vitkispá, Bøn Om Ending - Bøn Om Byrjing, Outro: Ull Gjekk.
  • Ivar Bjørnson: vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards.
  • Einar Selvik: vocals, taglharpa, Kravik-lyre, goat-horn, birch-bark lure, bone-flute, percussion, electronics.