Gap Var Ginnunga Cd By Wardruna - Viking Cds
Gap Var Ginnunga Cd By Wardruna - Viking Cds

Gap Var Ginnunga CD By Wardruna

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Gap Var Ginnunga CD By Wardruna

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Warduna's 1st Album, Featuring 12 Tracks in CD Format.

Wardruna takes us back to the ancient times of the Norse pagan people and their spiritual music. Exploring and evoking the culture of our forefathers, Wardruna uses deer hide frame drums, mouth harp, goat horns, lur, Hardanger fiddle and tagelharpe to show us the music of our past, in a new way.

- Released in 2009, this is Wardruna's first album.
- 12 awesome tracks: Ár Var Alda, Hagal, Bjarkan, Løyndomsriss, Heimta Thurs, Thurs, Jara, Laukr, Kauna, Algir - Stien Klarnar, Algir - Tognatale, Dagr.
- Inspired by the Elder Futhark Runes.

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