Viking Festivals 2023 - Viking Dragon Blog
Viking Festivals

Viking Festivals 2023

Viking Festivals 2023 Worldwide - Viking Festivals 2023 in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand! More festivals will be added throughout the year, so bring yourself along to one o...
Viking Festivals


2022 Viking Festivals in Scandinavia and Europe - Viking Festivals in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Poland, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Ireland and the UK Click on a month below ...
European Viking Festivals and Viking Markets 2021
Viking Festivals

Viking Festivals & Viking Markets 2021

2021 European Viking Festivals - in Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Germany at present.
European Viking Festivals Viking Markets 2020 - Viking Dragon
Viking Festivals

Viking Festivals & Viking Markets 2020

Gear up for our list of 2020 Viking Festivals and Markets in the UK and Europe! Most dates are confirmed but will be updated regularly, so please send comments to add / change festivals with their ...
USA & Canada Viking Festivals & Viking Markets 2019
Viking Festivals

USA & Canada Viking Festivals & Markets 2019

List of Viking Festivals 2019 in the USA & Canada Click here to view all our Viking festivals blog posts Click on any of the festivals & events below to take you to their official pages fo...
Viking Festivals and Markets 2019 in Europe - Viking Dragon Blogs

Viking Festivals & Viking Markets 2019

Scandinavian & North European Viking Festivals including Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Dutch, German and British Viking Festivals Complete List of Major Viking Festivals 2019...
Up Helly Aa Viking Festival - Viking Dragon Blogs

Up Helly Aa

  Up Helly Aa is a Viking fire festival held on 29th January this year in the Shetland Islands town of Lerwick. It has been a tradition since the 1800's and takes place every winter almost witho...
Gudvangen Viking Market Scene - Viking Dragon Blogs

The Gudvangen Viking Market

 The Gudvangen Viking Market has been thriving for almost two decades now and is filled with the energy of the Viking Age. Market stands are overflowing with jewelry, ironwork, clothing, weaponry,...
Festival of Slavs and Vikings - Wolin, Poland - Viking Festivals 2018

Viking Festivals and Markets 2018

We have always been an avid supporter of Viking festivals and markets and have attended many of them over the years, both as re-enactors and traders. Below is a selection of our favourite events as...

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