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Banded Viking Whetstones in Smooth Jasper or Rough Sandstone.

Viking Whetstones From The Viking Dragon

Whetstones have been used for centuries for fine sharpening of blades. All of our Viking whetstones have a hole drilled through and an attached leather thong so you can wear it round your neck, or attach it to your belt.

Banded Jasper Viking Whetstones

Copies of Viking whetstones found in York, England, UK, made from the same banded jasper as the originals. Chosen for their beautiful colours and patterns, each whetstone is unique. They are used for fine honing of knives & tools and come with a yard of 2mm leather thong, enabling them to be hung around the neck or attached to your belt.

Banded Sandstone Viking Whetstones

Sandstone whetstone pendant on bronze twisted ring & leather thong. Rougher than the jasper whetstones, these are great for shaping an edge on your blade.

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