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Futha CD by Heilung

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Futha CD by Heilung

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Heilung's 3rd Album - Futha - Featuring 9 Tracks.

Heilung's long awaited album 'Futha' is finally here and we are one of the first places to stock it! Futha’s lyrics originate from old Icelandic poetry, in which the holy women chant magic spells and offer their blessings. Nine songs in total, it all begins with the lengthy 'Galgaldr' where grating, raspy voices speak together with snarls and growls like playful wolf pups. There is a quiet ambiance of an everyday life complete with livestock and horns to awaken the day.

Heilung means 'healing' in the German language and this also describes the core of the band's sound. The listener is supposed to be left at ease and in a relaxed state after a magical musical journey that is at times turbulent. When Heilung self-released 'Ofnir' in 2015, the Danish band could hardly have anticipated the breakthrough success of their debut album. Spectacular live shows, strong critical acclaim, and a massive underground buzz added to the constantly high demand for this full-length are the reason why their new label Season of Mist decided to make this genuine marvel available again for the whole world to hear just how unique Heilung is. So if you like WARDRUNA, you will love HEILUNG!


1. Galgaldr
2. Norupo
3. Othan
4. Traust
5. Vapnatak
6. Svanrand
8. Elddansurin
9. Hamrer Hippyer

Heilung was founded in 2014 by our friend Kai Uwe Faust (tattoo artist specializing in Old Norse tattoos) and Christopher Juul of Euzen. Later, Maria Franz joined the band. In 2015, the band released their debut album Ofnir in self-release.

The band's first performance in 2017 were at Castlefest and at the Midgardsblot Metalfestival. The live performance at Castlefest was recorded and released with the name Lifa on Youtube and as a live album, which has received over 6.5 million views after its release on YouTube. Their 2017 performance at Midgardsblot was listed as one of the ten best performances of 2017 by Metal Hammer.

Heilung was nominated in the Best Underground Band category for a Metal Hammer Golden Gods Award in 2018

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