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Viking weddings have made a comeback in recent times with more people opting for old pagan traditions rather than the modern day wedding ceremonies we have today. Viking weddings are traditionally know as 'handfasting' and involve the hands of the bride and groom being tied together with intricately designed ribbons. (This is where the saying 'tying the knot' comes from). The wedding rings are placed on the ends of Viking swords and then exchanged as a symbol of love, commitment and unity.

Celebrations can last a week, but the bonding ceremony is traditionally held on a Friday (Frigg's or Freya's Day) to symbolise the goddess of love, fertility & marriage. This is then followed by the 'Mead Ceremony', where all guests participate in drinking and revelry
to celebrate the couples' union.

Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, is also another symbol thought to be given to the bride before the wedding and placed on her lap to provide fertility and strength.

We have provided many Viking accessories for handfasting ceremonies, including Viking Clothing, Costume, Thor's hammers, wedding rings, drinking horns, mead cups, beer mugs, bracelets, brooches, swords ( only) and much more!

Take a look through this collection to inspire your own Viking handfasting ceremony / Viking wedding and for large orders we can put together custom items for you.

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