Extra Heavy Silver Viking Necklaces – Viking Dragon / Jelling Dragon

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Collection: Extra Heavy Silver Viking Necklaces

Extra Heavy Silver Viking Necklaces - Viking Jewelry

Silver Viking Snake Chains, King Chains & Gotland Crystal Necklaces

All of our 8mm snake & king chain chain necklaces we have defined as 'extra heavy', as well as our famous Gotland crystal Viking necklaces. They are big, thick, chunky necklaces making you stand out from the crowd and worthy of any Viking Jarl or KIng! We can also custom make 10mm thick silver Viking necklaces in any of the styles you see in the 8mm & 5mm widths as we have produced a couple of these in the past few months. Any sizes / lengths not listed on our site can be made to order, so contact us now.

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  • 5 Lens Rock Crystal & Silver Necklace from Gotland
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