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Runic Viking Havamal Bracelet in Brass - Viking Jewelry
Runic Viking Havamal Bracelet

Runic Viking Havamal Bracelet

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Rune Master Brass Bracelet from the Havamal, Verse 144

This stanza brings up eight ways to interact with the runes. The tribute shows the eight keywords in old Norse written in Elder Futhark runes to evoke the skills a true Runemaster needs to learn.

Veistu hvé rísta skal? Veistu hvé ráða skal?
Veistu hvé fá skal? Veistu hvé freista skal?
Veistu hvé biðja skal? Veistu hvé blóta skal?
Veistu hvé senda skal? Veistu hvé sóa skal?

Do you know how to carve? Do you know how to read?
Do you know how to color? Do you know how to challenge?
Do you know how to ask? Do you know how to sacrifice?
Do you know how to send? Do you know how to destroy?

A smaller brass version of the large copper arm ring we stock.

Bracelet thickness 1.5mm.
Width 22mm (0.9 inch).
Weight approx. 44g (4oz).

Sizes: To fit wrist / arm circumference 16 - 19cm (6.3 - 7.5cm).