Viking / Saxon Sword with Cocked-Hat Pommel

Viking / Saxon Sword with Cocked-Hat Pommel

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Re-Enactment Viking Sword with Broad Blade & Dished-Out Fuller

Our high quality, battle ready Viking / Saxon swords are all designed for re-enactment / live steel use. Currently out of stock, but can be pre-ordered. Broad dished out fuller to make this light and easy to wield. Lightweight and well balanced.

Blade length: 27 inches (68.5cm).
Blade width: 2 inches (50mm), tapering to 0.75 inch (20mm).
Viking sword weight approx: 1040g (2.3 lbs).
Balance point 10cm (4 inches) from hilt.

Buy on it's own, or with a basic leather scabbard.

Made to order in 1-3 months at present, so pre-order now to get one.