USA & Canada Viking Festivals & Markets 2019

usa and canada viking festivals 2019

List of Viking Festivals 2019 in the USA & Canada

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Start End Days Name Location Country
09-Jan 12-Jan 4 Ullr Fest Breckenridge, Colorado USA
23-Jan 24-Jan 2

Texas Viking Festival Launch Party

Cleghorn Ranch, Paige, Texas USA
26-Jan 26-Jan 1 Florida Viking Festival Florida USA
13-Apr 14-Apr 2 Viking Fest Heavener Runestone Park, Heavenver, Oklahoma USA
20-Apr 22-Apr 3 Viking Fest Whitestown, Indiana USA
26-Apr 28-Apr 3 Return of the Sun

Ravensborg, Viking Longfort, Knox City, Missouri

27-Apr 27-Apr 1 Ashville Viking Festival Ashville, Ohio USA
17-May 27-Oct 164 The Vikings Begin ( exhibition is on all summer!) The American Swedish Institute, Minneapolis, Minnesota USA
11-May 11-May 1 Manassas Viking Festival Manassas Museum Lawn & Harris Pavilion
Manassas, Virginia
21-Jun 23-Jun 3 Ohio Viking Festival Cortland, Ohio USA
21-Jun 22-Jun 2 Midwest Viking Festival & Scandinavian Hjemkomst Moorhead, Clay County, Minnesota USA
5-Jul 8-Jul 4 The Great Northern Thyng Greenwich, NY USA
13-Jul 14-Jul 2 Kimberley Viking Festival Kimberley, British Columbia Canada
2-Aug 5-Aug 4 The Icelandic Festival of Manitoba Gimli, Manitoba Canada
3-Aug 3-Aug 1

August the Deuce Viking Demo

Mountain, North Dakota USA




Viking Festivalen

Nisswa Pioneer Village, Minnesota


7-Sep 7-Sep 1 Hammerheart's 6th Anniversary Hammerheart Brewing Company, Lino Lakes, Minnesota USA
14-Sep 15-Sep 2 Northwest Viking Fest Darrington, Washington USA
21-Sep 22-Sep 2 Vista Viking Festival Vista, California USA
25-Sep 28-Sep 4 Norsk Hostfest Minot, North Dakota USA
25-Oct 27-Oct 3 Return of the Dead Ravensborg, Viking Longfort, Knox City, Missouri USA
2-Nov 3-Nov 2 VikingsCon Lapata, Maryland USA


Ullr Fest - USA Viking Festivals 2019

Ullr Fest

Florida Viking Festival - USA Viking Festivals 2019

Florida Viking Festival

Whitestown Viking Fest - USA Viking Festivals 2019

Viking Fest

Ashville Viking Festival Ohio - USA 2019 Viking Festivals

Ashville Viking Festival

Ohio Viking Festival - USA 2019 Viking Festivals

Ohio Viking Festival

Scandinavian Hjemkomst - Midwest Viking Festival - USA 2019 Viking Festivals

Scandinavian Hjemkomst

Kimberley Viking Festival - Canada 2019 Viking Festivals

Kimberley Viking Festival

Manitoba Viking Festival - Canada Viking Festivals 2019

The Icelandic Festival of Manitoba

Vista Viking Festival - USA 2019 Viking Festivals

Vista Viking Festival

VikingsCon - For all fans of The History Channel's 'Vikings' Show!

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  • Horde at the Hive Viking Village. June 1 – 2 2019, Okotoks Alberta Canada, http://www.chinookhoney.com/event/horde-at-the-hive-2019/
    Vikings in the Streets Festival, Viking Alberta Canada, http://www.vikingsinthestreetsfestival.com/home.html
    Days of Yore, Aug 3-4 2019, Didsbury Alberta Canada, http://www.mountainviewartssociety.ca/daysyore/
    Brooks Medieval Faire, Aug 10-11 2019, Brooks, Alberta, Canada, http://brooksfaire.com/index.php

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