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Yorkshire Av'mal Book - By Dan Coultas

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Yorkshire Av'mal Book - By Dan Coultas

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The Ancient Havamal Text Translated into Yorkshire Slang Pocket-Sized Book.

The ancient wisdom of the Havamal translated into the language used by our own Grandparents by members of Heathens of Yorkshire, and showing that modern Yorkshire folk wisdom shares much with that offered in the original text.
Yorkshire dialect, and heritage in general, is intrinsically linked to the culture of our Danish ancestors. From our place names to our casual colloquialisms, the influence of Old Norse language is inescapable throughout the county.
In fact, the very word 'Yorkshire' itself comes from the Old Norse name for York, 'Jorvik' rather than the Saxon 'Eoforwick' or the Latin 'Eboracum'. The term 'Ridings', the administrative areas by which the county was divided until 1974, comes from the Old Norse 'Thryding' meaning a third. Whilst the adding of “shire” to the name of the county came later, the first administrative entity that largely encompassed the same geographical area that we know as Yorkshire was the Heathen Danish Kingdom of York.
Includes 9 original illustrations by Lou Flitcroft to bring the text to life. Translations are by Dan Coultas, Lou Flitcroft, Debi Gregory and Toni Wilson.

Eyup, thi givers! Guest as come;
By 'eck! Wur's 'bugger guna sit darn?
'e'sflittin' hither an' thither, lukin' fur warhmf an' 'elf.

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- Paperback: 69 pages.
- Publisher: Independently published (12 Jun 2022).
- Language: English.
- Product Dimensions: 15 x 10 x 1cm (6 x 4 x 0.4 inch).
- Weight: 55g (1.95oz).

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