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Wool Basic Viking Cloak - Green - Viking Cloaks
Wool Basic Viking Cloak - Grey - Viking Cloaks

Wool Viking Cloak

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Our basic Viking wool cloaks are a rectangular sheet of wool with traditional hand-stitched edges.

  • Basic Viking wool cloak. (Brooch not included)
  • Made from plant-dyed wool with hand-stitched edges.
  • They measure 150 x 110cm (59 x 43 inches).
  • Grey - in stock now, green is pre-order only at present and will be back in stock in mid to late April.
  • See washing instructions below.

Wool washing instructions

We use only pure untreated wool. Not 'machine washable wool' which is in fact mixed with or coated with plastic and thereby loses the unique insulating properties of wool along with the ability repel dirt, odours and moisture. Pure wool very rarely needs to be washed as it does not retain dirt or odours, hanging on the washing line to air occasionally is usually enough. If you do need to clean it more thoroughly then the best way is to rub it in snow! Next best is to gently hand wash it in cold soapy water. The reason for this is that any heat / movement will cause wool to felt, making the material denser and in the process causing it to shrink, the more times you wash it the more it will shrink until eventually it becomes just a dense mat of felt. This is why there is no such thing as 'pre-shrunk' wool!