Wool Leg Wrap - Herringbone Weave - Bi-Colour - Footwear

Wool Leg Wrap - Herringbone Weave - Bi-Colour - Per Metre

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Loom woven from natural wool. Great leg protection when walking / marching in dense vegetation. Our leg wraps are made on a loom in the same herringbone & diamond weave as the Viking age originals.

Loom woven wool Leg wrapping - herringbone weave - natural & grey.

  • Made in a traditional herringbone weave in natural & grey wool.
  • Width 10cm (4 inches).
PLEASE NOTE THIS IS SOLD PER METRE (3.3ft) and we recommend that you allow 3m per leg, so 6m in total. for the average male and up to 8m for a large Viking!