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Runestone From Hägerstalund Uppland - Runestones
Runestone From Hägerstalund Uppland - Runestones

Runestone From Hägerstalund, Uppland

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Ornamental upright replica of a runestone from Hägerstalund, Uppland, Sweden.

Sweden has the largest number of surviving runestones than any other Scandinavian country, with around 2500 runestones discovered to present day. We have a selection of some of the most famous runestones from Sweden, scaled down so they can be displayed comfortably in your home as beautiful ornamental pieces. Each runestone is free standing and handmade in Sweden from a gypsum based material called marmorit and have the feel of real stone.

  • The inscription reads: 'Gärdar and Jorund erected these stones to the memory of their nephews Ärmund and Ingemund'.
  • Height 14cm (5.5 inch), width 8cm (3.15 inch), depth 2cm (0.8 inch).
  • Weight 260g (9.2oz).