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Polished Amber Chips With Drilled Holes - Amber Viking Jewelry

Polished Amber Chips With Drilled Holes

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Make your own unique amber jewelry with a 100g of polished amber chips.

All of our amber jewelry is handmade from solid pieces of genuine Baltic amber from Northern Europe.

Baltic amber is made from 44 million year old fossilised tree resin that is found on the Baltic sea coast. It was often used by the Vikings for making Thor's hammers and other jewelry.

Amber was a valuable commodity and traded from the iron age onwards and was collected from the Baltic sea to be traded all over Europe by the Vikings.

  • Genuine polished amber chips.
  • Foraged by hand from the Baltic coast of Lithuania.
  • 100g (4oz) of 5-15mm polished amber chips with 1mm hole drilled for stringing (approx. 500-600 pieces).
  • Make your own unique amber jewelry.