Norse Goddesses Calendar 2024 in Hand
Norse Goddesses Calendar 2024 - October & December - The Norns & Eir
Norse Goddesses Calendar 2024
Norse Goddesses Calendar 2024 - August, Siv
Norse Goddesses Calendar 2024 - Back Cover
Norse Goddesses Calendar 2024 - January & June, Skade & Ran

Norse Goddesses Calendar 2024

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Norse Goddesses Calendar 2024

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2024 Calendar of Norse Goddesses, Featuring Skade, Freya, Idun, Gefjon, Ran, Frigg, Siv, the Norns, Hel and Eir.


In recent years the male gods in Norse mythology have been given a lot of space. We felt it was time to put the spotlight on the goddesses. In this calendar, we invite you to take part in their own stories, as they speak to us as creators and women; Skade, Freya, Idun, Gefjon, Ran, Frigg, Siv, the Norns, Hel and Eir.
As a group of highly ambitious reenactors, we loved the idea of making a calendar with twelve norse goddesses, originally the brainchild of Susanna Broomé.
Initially, we were sure about only a few things: we wanted the goddesses to be women from every walk of life, all of them strong in their own right. Some through their knowledge and cunning, others through their kindness, patience or selflessness. We have chosen our models from among our friends, women who have all come to form a personal connection with their portraits, and the experience of modelling.
Among our first questions was that of how to dress our goddesses, and in this, we settled for a compromise. The clothes, jewellery and other objects in the pictures are all on some level based in history and archaeology. At the same time, we wanted the imagery to be somewhat otherworldly, and consequently decided to let the makeup, hair and editing be both modern and fantastical.

During the two-year project, we ended up dealing with almost everything concerning the calendar together - from makeup, fancy crowns and the indispensible photoshoot cookies (nom), to the mud, snow and blood featured in the photos. Some of the materials have been lent to us by friends or supplied from our own wardrobes. Many of the props (such as the horns) were made from scratch. The copywriting has been provided by Lindemark Text, based on our content.

It has been a journey of innumerable challenges and a lot of learning to ultimately produce this calendar. Our deepest thanks to everyone reading this, for supporting us in our past and future - overly ambitious - endeavours.

Susanna Broomé
Ylva Dahlström Zwamp
Erik Eriksson Broomé
Hanna Lundbohm
Iduna Pertoft Sundarp.

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