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Medium Twisted Silver Bracelet With Gotlandic Dragon Heads - Viking Bracelets

Medium Twisted Silver Bracelet With Gotlandic Dragon Heads

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A slimmer replica of the original arm ring found in Burge, Gotland, Sweden, c.950-1050.

Viking arm rings signified a Viking warrior's right of passage and a symbol of manhood. They were worn either just above the elbow or just above the bicep and a Viking warrior's experience was signified by the amount of arm rings that he, or she wore. Many of our Viking arm rings are direct replicas of original Viking finds and others use designs from genuine Viking artifacts.

This is the 6mm thickness version, but we also stock this bracelet in 10mm, 8mm & 4mm thickness too.

  • Made using the same techniques as used over 1000 years ago, by twisting silver rods and adding cast silver heads.
  • Internal dimensions 70 x 50mm (2.75 x 2 inch), but can be opened up larger.
  • Internal circumference 20cm (7.8 inch), including gap.
  • Thickness 6mm (0.25 inch) tapering to 4mm. (0.15 inch).
  • Weight 31g (1.1oz).