Linen Viking Gambeson - Viking Armor

Padded Linen Viking Gambeson

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Our thick Viking gambesons are made of 2 layers of padding with a stitched linen outer to make them authentic. Great for training and for full contact re-enactment displays.

Large size in stock with armpit holes for better movement (ALL other sizes currently made to order in 6-8 weeks).

Knee length natural linen Viking gambeson.

  • Double-padded cotton wadding with stitched linen outer.
  • Side split at the bottom to make it easy to get on and off.
  • Wear either as a standalone piece or under your outer armour.
  • All sizes around 100cm (39.5 inches) long, but longer / shorter versions can be made upon request.
  • Standard sizes are M, L & XL, but larger / smaller sizes can be made.
  • Medium: Waist / chest girth: Up to 101cm (40 inches), Weight - 2.9kg (6.4lb).
  • Large: Waist / chest girth: Up to: 115cm (45 inches), Weight - 3.2kg (7lb).
  • XL: Waist / chest girth: Up to: 127cm (50 inches): Weight - 3.5kg (7.7lb).
  • 2XL: Waist / chest girth: Up to: 142cm (56 inches): Weight - 4kg (8.8lb).