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Large Mouth Harp - Viking Musical Instruments
Original Viking Mouth Harps in the Viking Ship Museum, Denmark

Large Mouth Harp / Jaw Harp / Jew's Harp

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Hand-Forged Steel Mouth Harp

Our Viking mouth harps, also know as a jaw harp, or jew's harp. Hand-forged from steel these are replica Viking mouth harps that are ready to play. The mouth harp (also known as a jaw harp / Jew's harp) was an instrument known to the Vikings, as well as the Saxons & even the Romans. Their small size makes them easy to carry with your kit and a handy instrument to have on those long dark nights around the campfire.

  • This particular design is similar to one in the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark.
  • Length 105mm (4.15 inch), width 68mm (2.65 inch).
  • Weight 57g (2oz).
  • New from The Viking / Jelling Dragon!