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Hand-Crafted Ceramic Hel Statuette

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Statuette of the Norse Goddess Hel (Hela) in Hand-Crafted Clay.

Hel is the daughter of the god Loki. Her brothers are Fenris the Great Wolf and Jormundgandr the World Serpent. Their mother is named Angrboda, a giantess, witch and werewolf called The Wolf of the Iron wood. Hel appears to be a lovely maiden that is half white and half snow-dead black, usually having a scowl on her face and because her appearance was so disturbing to the other gods she was cast from Asgard and given her own kingdom under the roots by Odin himself. 

Own your statue of the goddess Hel and envoke the powers of darkness.

Brand new product from The Viking / Jelling Dragon and one of 32 Norse gods & mythological beings in our new collection!

  • Handmade in clay.
  • Height approx. 10cm (4 inches).