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Banded Jasper Viking Whetstone

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Sometimes called sharpening stones. or honing stones, whetstones were traded by the Vikings and their origin from archeological finds can be traced back to mines in France and Germany. The whetstones were important for the Viking as their metal tools and edges had to be kept sharp and in good condition.

Whetstones similar to these have been found in Viking graves in Gjermundbu, Norway, Ile de Groix in France, Birka and Gotland in Sweden and at dig sites in York, England, UK.

These whetstones are made of jasper, a semi-precious stone in the chalcedony group - an opaque fine-grained quartz with various appearance & colours and 7 on the Moh's Hardness Scale.

Whetstones have been used for centuries for fine sharpening of blades. All of our Viking whetstones have a hole drilled through and an attached leather thong so you can wear it round your neck, or attach it to your belt.

Copies of Viking whetstones found in York, England, UK, made from the same banded jasper as the originals. Chosen for their beautiful colours and patterns, each whetstone is unique. They are used for fine honing of knives & tools and come with a yard of 2mm leather thong, enabling them to be hung around the neck or attached to your belt.

  • Length 80mm (3.25 inches).
  • Comes with 1 yard (90cm) 2mm width leather thong.
  • Natural stone, so each is unique in colour and pattern.
  • Great for fine sharpening (honing) of any blade.