Viking Festivals & Viking Markets 2019

Scandinavian & North European Viking Festivals including Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Dutch, German and British Viking Festivals

European Viking Festivals and Markets 2019 - Viking Dragon Blogs

Complete List of Major Viking Festivals 2019 in Scandinavia and Northern Europe

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Start End Days Name Location Country
29-Jan 29-Jan 1 Up Helly Aa Lerwick, Shetland Islands UK
Up Helly Aa Viking Festival - Jan 2019Up Helly Aa


Start End Days Name Location Country
20-Feb 27-Feb 8 Jorvik Viking Festival York UK
Jorvik Viking Festival 2018 - York, England, UKJorvik Viking Festival


Start End Days Name Location Country
19-Apr 22-Apr 4 Haithabu Spring Viking Market Busdorf Germany
29-Apr 05-May 7 Ribe International Viking Market Ribe Denmark
Haithabu Spring Market 2019Haithabu Market Ribe Viking Market 2019Ribe International Viking Market


Start End Days Name Location Country
11-May 12-May 2 Viking Experience Portadown Northern Ireland, UK
17-May 19-May 3 Jork Viking Market Jork, Hamburg Germany
24-May 26-May 3 Vikingting Tingvatn Norway
25-May 27-May 3 Newark Castle Newark-on-Trent, Notts. UK
31-May 02-Jun 3 Bjørgvin Marknad Fana, Bergen Norway
31-May 02-Jun 4 Neustadt Glewe Viking Festival Neustadt Glewe Germany
Viking Experience at PortadownPortadown Viking Experience Jork Viking MarketJork Viking Market VikingtingVikingting
Regia Anglorum at Newark CastleNewark Castle Bjørgvin MarknadBjørgvin Marknad Neustadt Glewe Viking FestivalNeustadt Glewe Viking Festival


Start End Days Name Location Country
06-Jun 09-Jun 4 Karmøy Viking Festival Avaldsnes, Karmøy Norway
08-Jun 10-Jun 3 Pentacost at Archeon Alphen aan den Rijn Netherlands
08-Jun 10-Jun 3 Eindhoven Viking Festival Eindhoven Netherlands
13-Jun 17-Jun 5 Hafnarfjörður Viking Festival Hafnarfjörður Iceland
21-Jun 23-Jun 3 Trondheim Viking Market Trondheim Norway
22-Jun 22-Jun 1 Ulleskelf Viking Festival Ulleskelf, Yorkshire England, UK
24-Jun 30-Jun 7 Foteviken Viking Market Höllviken, Malmö Sweden
Viking Festival AvaldsnesKarmøy Viking Festival Pentacost at ArcheonPentacost at Archeon Eindhoven Viking FestivalEindhoven Viking Festival
Hafnarfjörður Viking FestivalHafnarfjörður Viking Festival OlavsdageneOlavsdagene Trondheim Viking MarketTrondheim Viking Market
Ulleskelf Viking festival - Yorkshire, UK - 2019 Viking Festivals Ulleskelf Viking festival Foteviken Viking MarketFoteviken Viking Market


Start End Days Name Location Country
05-Jul 07-Jul 3 The Battle of Trelleborgen and Vikingmarket Trelleborg Sweden
06-Jul 07-Jul 2 Midgard Viking Festival Borre Norway
06-Jul 07-Jul 2 Jelling Viking Market Jelling Denmark
08-Jul 28-Jul 21 Birka Birka, Stockholm Sweden
11-Jul 14-Jul 4 Haithabu Summer Viking Market Busdorf Germany
12-Jul 14-Jul 3 Bronseplassen Viking Market Høvåg, Kristiansand Norway
12-Jul 14-Jul 3 Egge Viking Festival Steinkjer Norway
12-Jul 14-Jul 3 Eckernförde Südstrand Eckernförde Germany
13-Jul 14-Jul 2 Fröja Thing Löddeköpinge Sweden
13-Jul 21-Jul 9 Trelleborg Viking Festival Slagelse Denmark
16-Jul 21-Jul 6 Gudvangen Viking Market Gudvangen Norway
19-Jul 21-Jul 3 Sarpsborg International Viking Festival Sarpsborg Norway
22-Jul 28-Jul 7 Moesgård Viking Moot Moesgård, Århus Denmark
23-Jul 29-Jul 7 St Olav Viking Festival Sticklestad Norway
25-Jul 27-Jul 3 Saltvik Viking Market Saltvik, Åland Islands Finland
29-Jul 04-Aug 7 Viking Warriors at Ribe Ribe Denmark
Vikings at BirkaBirka Bronseplassen Viking MarketBronseplassen Viking Market Egge Viking FestivalEgge Viking Festival
Trelleborg Viking Festival, SlagelseTrelleborg Viking Festival Gudvangen Viking MarketGudvangen Viking Market Sarpsborg International Viking FestivalSarpsborg Int. Viking Festival
Moesgård Viking MootMoesgård Viking Moot Saltvik Viking MarketSaltvik Viking Market Archeon Viking FestivalArcheon Viking Festival


Start End Days Name Location Country
02-Aug 04-Aug 3 Wolin Festival of Slavs & Vikings Wolin Poland
02-Aug 04-Aug 3 Hornbore Ting Hamburgsund Sweden
07-Aug 11-Aug 5 Lofotr Viking Festival Bøstad, Lofoten Islands Norway
08-Aug 11-Aug 4 Schleswig Königswiesen Schleswig Germany
24-Aug 26-Aug 3 Vikings at Whitby Whitby UK
24-Aug 25-Aug 2 Archeon Viking Festival Alphen aan den Rijn Netherlands
25-Aug 26-Aug 2 Vikings of Middle England Rockingham Castle, Rockingham UK
25-Aug 26-Aug 2 Viking Invasion Danish Camp Riverside, Willington UK
31-Aug 8-Sep 9 Largs Viking Festival Largs, Scotland UK
Wolin Festival of Slavs & VikingsWolin Festival of Slavs & Vikings Hornbore Ting Hornbore Ting Lofotr Viking FestivalLofotr Viking Festival
Eckernförde SüdstrandSchleswig Königswiesen Pentacost at ArcheonPentacost at Archeon Largs Viking FestivalLargs


Start End Days Name Location Country
07-Sep 08-Sep 2 Ishøj Vikingemarked Ishøj, Copenhagen Denmark
12-Sep 15-Sep 4 Tonsberg Viking Festival Tonsberg Norway
13-Sep 15-Sep 3 Midgard Viking Fest Viadana, Mantova Italy
Ishoj Viking Market - Sep 2019Ishøj Viking Market Tonsberg Viking FestivalTonsberg Viking Festival Midgard Viking Festival 2019Midgard Viking Festival


Start End Days Name Location Country
12-Oct 13-Oct 2 Battle of Hastings Battle, Sussex UK
Battle of Hastings ReenactmentBattle of Hastings

TBC = Dates To Be Confirmed

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