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Jelling Cups with Odin Valknut Design - Viking Asatru Supplies
Jelling Cups in Silver & Gold - Viking Asatru Supplies
Jelling Cups with Odin Warrior Design - Viking Asatru Supplies

Jelling Cup Replica in Silver & Gold

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Handmade Jelling Cup Replica in Solid Silver with Gold Plating

Entirely handmade from 925 Sterling silver with a gold plated interior. These are the best replicas of the famous Viking age Jelling cup from Denmark that you will find and becoming rarer to stock, so get one before we sell out! The original was found in a burial mound in Jelling, Denmark and was thought to be that of King Gorm, the father of King Harald.

Solid silver Jelling Cup with gold plated interior.

  • The cup is 55mm (2.2 inches) high and is 50mm (2 inches) in diameter.
  • It holds around 40ml and was presumably used for ceremonial purpose but is ideal for strong liquor!
  • Weight approx 51 - 53g (1.8 - 1.85oz).
  • Drink from a piece of history!