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Hand-Crafted Ceramic Freyr Statuette

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Statuette of the Norse God Freyr in Hand-Crafted Clay.

Freyr, the twin brother of Freya (Freyja) and the son of Njord belongs to the Vanir gods and is an honorary member of the Aesir after arriving as a hostage in the great war. He is the god of virility, prosperity, sunshine and good weather and is often depicted as a phallic fertility god. This figure depicts him holding his ship, Skíðblaðnir, which is said he is able to fold it up and carry in a small bag.

Own your statue of Freyr here for virility, fertility, prosperity and the blessing of good weather.

Brand new product from The Viking / Jelling Dragon and one of 32 Norse gods & mythological beings in our new collection!

  • Handmade in clay.
  • Height approx. 10cm (4 inches).