Jormungand towing Hymir & Thor through wild waves - Thor, the Giant's Kettle and the Midgard Serpent - The Viking Dragon Blog
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Thor, the Giant's Kettle, and the Midgard Serpent

   In between their epic battles and their prodigious journeys, the Norse gods were fond of feasting. Once they invited themselves to the hall of a giant named Aegir who kept a good table. Aegir d...
"Sigurd and Brunhild's Funeral Pyre" by Charles E Butler, 1909, retrieved from Dragon Blogs
Norse Mythology

The Passing of Sigurd and Brynhild (Andvari's Curse, Part IX)

 An earlier blog post, "The Quarrel of the Queens," described how the spell of forgetfulness lifted from Sigurd so that he remembered how he had loved, pledged troth to, and lain with the Valkyrie ...
Brynhild, armed, advances on Gudrun; picture by Arthur Rackham, retrieved from Dragon Blogs
Norse Mythology

The Quarrel of the Queens (Andvari’s Curse, Part VIII)

Brynhild’s rage broke out and she swore that Gudrun would pay for stealing Sigurd. She added, truly enough, that Sigurd had had to be drugged into loving Gudrun, whereas he’d loved Brynhild first ...
Gunnar's horse balking at the fire, retrieved from Dragon Blogs
Norse Mythology

Sigurd's Marriage and Brynhild's Betrayal (Andvari's Curse, Part VII)

The king's daughter Gudrun fell deeply and hopelessly in love with their guest; hopelessly, because he spoke constantly of his beloved and betrothed, Brynhild.Queen Grimhild saw her daughter’s gri...
Painting of armored women riding war-horses through the clouds: "Valkyries" by W. T. Maud, retrieved from Dragon Blogs
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Brynhild's Origin and Brynhild's Love (Andvari's Curse, Part VI)

An earlier blog post described how the young hero Sigurd rode through a wall of fire to waken Brynhild, the beautiful armored woman who lay asleep within the enchanted ring. He had been told that s...
Sigurd bends over the sleeping Brynhild: "Siegfried und Brunnhilde" by Charles Ernest Butler, 1909, Dragon Blogs
Norse Gods

Regin's Death and Brynhild's Waking (Andvari's Curse, Part V)

An earlier blog post described how the young hero Sigurd killed the dragon Fafnir, who had once been human. Sigurd was egged on to this exploit by his foster-father Regin, who told Sigurd (truly) t...
Wedding guests staring at the sword Odin has thrust into the oak: Dragon Blogs
Norse Gods

Sigurd's Origin (Andvari's Curse, Part IV)

'Sigurd and the Dragon' described how Sigurd killed the dragon Fafnir, thus getting for himself fame, wealth, and Andvari’s curse. But even before he met Fafnir, Sigurd had inherited a complex load...
Fafnir Emerging From His Lair, Sigurd Facing Him, Sword in Hand; 'Sigurd and Fafnir' by Hermann Hendrich, 1906, via Wikimedia – Viking Dragon Blogs
Norse Gods

Sigurd and the Dragon (Andvari’s Curse, Part III)

'Fafnir and the Cursed Hoard' described how Fafnir and Regin murdered their sorcerer father Hreidmar for his treasure. Fafnir, the stronger of the two, drove Regin away and took the gold, and his f...
Fafnir and the Cursed Hoard (Andvari's Curse, part II) - Viking Dragon Blogs
Norse Gods

Fafnir and the Cursed Hoard (Andvari's Curse, part II)

Returning to Hreidmar’s house, Loki showed Odin the treasure and the ring, but concealed the curse. Odin saw that the ring was fair, and he resolved to keep it for himself.