Full reindeer hide from Lappland - Animal Skins
Full reindeer hide from Lappland - Animal Skins from The Viking Dragon
Full Light reindeer hide from Lappland - Animal Skins

Reindeer Hide

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Reindeer Hide

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Cleaned & Treated Full Reindeer Hide from Lappland.

- These reindeer skins come direct from Saami herds fed in the wilds of Lappland.
- The traditional Saami economy has revolved around the reindeer herd since ancient times and now, as always, no part of the animal goes to waste.
- The hollow hairs of reindeer hides make them incredibly warm and insulating.
- Very soft and supple, fully tanned and finished, with no felt backing, just natural.
- Present stock sizes range from 116 - 135cm x 75 - 105cm (46 - 53 inch x 30 - 41 inch) approx.
- Please note that as these are natural hides then each one will differ in colour, size and shape.

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