Wool Viking Hats, Hand-Woven Using Ancient Nalbinding Techniques
Wool Viking Hat, Hand-Woven Using Ancient Nalbinding Techniques - Brown & Green
Wool Viking Hat, Hand-Woven Using Ancient Nalbinding Techniques - Orange Stripey

Wool Viking Nalbinding Hat

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Color:Brown and Green - Large
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Wool Viking Nalbinding Hat

Brown and Green - Large

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Wool Viking Hats, Hand-Woven Using Ancient Nalbinding Techniques.

Called Nålbindning in the native Swedish it is also known as nalbinding, nalebinding, nalbindning, naalbinding, naalebinding or needle binding. Nalbinding is an ancient technique used to produce hats, socks, mittens and other wool goods using a single short needle and lengths of woolen yarn. Although later superseded by knitting, a technique that uses 2 needles instead of one, nålbindning produces garments of a superior quality with stitches that do not run if snagged and a weave that is more dense and therefore easier to felt, providing maximum protection from cold or moisture.

It is for this reason that the nalbinding techniques have grown very popular worldwide and especially on the re-enactment scene.

Get yourself one of our handmade hats, or have a look at our instruction books, which show you step by step step by step how to make make one .

- Patterned, Replica Viking hats handmade with 100% wool.
- Standard sizes that will fit most adults.
- Each one is unique in colours and patterns.

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