Dome Head Copper Rivets - 1/16 Inch - 100 - Belts & Fittings
Dome Head Copper Rivets - 1/16 Inch - 10 - Belts & Fittings
1/16 Inch Wide Copper Rivets Attaching Viking Strap End

Dome Head Copper Rivets - 1/16 Inch

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Dome Head Copper Rivets - 1/16 Inch


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Copper Rivets with Dome Heads - 1.25mm (1/16 inch) Thick.

Made from solid copper. A soft metal that is ideal for easy riveting.

Instructions for use:

Make a hole slightly wider than your rivet using either a hole punch, or an awl. Push the rivet through the leather so that the head of the rivet is pressed against the leather. Push the shaft of the rivet through the metal fitting that you want to attach. Clip off the shaft as close as possible to the fitting using a pair of pliers. Rest the head of the rivet on a piece of leather placed on an anvil and gently peen over the other end of the rivet by striking around it repeatedly with the ball end of a hammer.

Domed copper rivets - for attaching belt fittings & strap ends.

- Available in packs of 10 or 100 rivets.
- Dimensions: 1.25mm x 12.5mm (1/16 x 1/2 inch).

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