Black Horn Sun Cross Odin Pendant on Rock
Black Horn Sun Cross Odin Pendant on Hand
Black Horn Sun Cross Odin Pendant on Hand - Angle View
Black Horn Sun Cross Odin Pendants on Moss

Black Horn Sun Cross Odin Pendant

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Black Horn Sun Cross Odin Pendant

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Handmade Black Cow Horn Viking Pendant, Carved into the Shape of Odin's Sun Cross.

Believed to be one of the oldest religious symbols, the sun cross, or sun wheel / solar wheel has appeared in many religions and societies since neolithic times. The sun cross is associated with Odin and was referred to as 'Odin's Cross' in Viking times.

Available here in black horn, these are handmade in Yorkshire and take a bit of time and effort to get the finished product

- Diameter - 28mm (1 inch).
- Depth - 5mm.
- Weight - 3g (0.1oz).
- Comes ready to wear with a length of leather thong.

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