Kai Uwe Faust and Heilung

Kai Uwe Faust and Heilung

Kai Uwe Faust

We first met Kai at the Gudvangen Viking Festival in Norway where was hand tattooing the Vikings there.
Kai Uwe Faust Tattooing

Then at the Viking Rock festival in Gudvangen, Norway in 2010 we saw him perform live on stage for the very first time!

Kai Uwe Faust at Viking Rock, Gudvangen, Norway


Kai then attended the Viking festival in York for many years running, where he was working out of a tattoo studio. We had some fun times there over the years, including exploring a fairy cave up on the moors and a memorable evening in a York S&M club!
Impressed by his work we asked him to create our company logo:
The demand for his unique style of tattooing soon grew to huge proportions and eventually he published a book of some of his work which we now sell on our website:

Nordic Tattoo book Kai Uwe Faust

Kai then went on to become a founder member of experimental folk band Heilung. Their music is based on texts and runic inscriptions from Germanic peoples of the Bronze Age, Iron Age, and Viking Age. Heilung describe their music as 'amplified history from early medieval northern Europe'.

Heilung Band

Heilung have now become incredibly popular with a huge following. They recently toured America, and last weekend performed in York, UK where we had the privilege to see them and spend time backstage :)
Their performance was spiritual, shamanic, pagan; more like a ritual than a concert, people left feeling transformed, as if they had been touched by their own pagan ancestry and spiritual past.
Heilung Performing

Heilung CDs are available to purchase from our website:
Heilung Futha CD

Here are some snippets of Heilung performing at the Jorvik Viking Festival here in York: