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Viking Warrior Copper Arm Ring

Viking Warrior Copper Arm Ring

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Norse Warrior Viking Arm Ring in Copper

This piece is dedicated to the noble spirit of the Norse warrior. The bracelet features a central Valknut (the knot of the fallen warrior) flanked by Elder Futhark runes - Tiwaz, rune of victory and justice - Hagalaz, the power and rapid change of the hail storm and - Uruz for strength and vitality. Each end is flanked by Mjolnir (Thor's hammer).

The bracelet is made from heavy gauge copper that is then antiqued & waxed to give it a beautiful finish.

  • 3mm thick, (1/8 inch approx.)
  • 25mm wide (1 inch) and to fit wrist 18 - 21cm (7 - 8.25 inch) upwards, although we can make one to fit any wrist.
  • Weight 116g (4.1oz).
  • Solid & chunky!