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Iron Clothes Pin
Iron Clothes Pin
Iron Clothes Pin

Iron Clothes Pin

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Plain steel clothes pins in 3 sizes.

  • Also known as a penannular brooch / fibula.
  • Sizes:
    • 20mm (0.8 inch),
    • 25mm (1 inch),
    • or 35mm (1.4 inches).
  • Iron / steel clothes pins with steel closing pin.
  • Great for pinning your leg wraps / winningas / puttees, or for pinning light - medium clothing.


  • Open it up so the pin is pointing in the opposite direction to the hole in the ring.
  • Stick the pin through the cloth and then back out again so that the pin is held in place by the cloth.
  • Close the cloak pin all the way so that the end of the pin passes through the ring.
  • Turn the ring though 90 degrees to lock in place.