Small Amber Thors Hammer Pendants on Hand - New Stock May 22
Amber Thors Hammer - Small - Amber Viking Jewelry

Small Amber Thors Hammer Pendant

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Hand-cut and polished amber Thor's hammer pendant in small size.

All of our amber jewelry is handmade from solid pieces of genuine Baltic amber from Northern Europe.

Baltic amber is made from 44 million year old fossilized tree resin that is found on the Baltic sea coast. It was often used by the Vikings for making Thor's hammers and other jewelry.

Amber was a valuable commodity and traded from the iron age onward and was collected from the Baltic sea to be traded all over Europe by the Vikings.

Made from cut and polished pieces of genuine Baltic amber with a 2mm hole drilled for suspension and complete with leather thong to hang it from. Individually handmade from natural amber, so shape, size and colour will vary. Each one is unique! and made especially for us.

Small size dimensions:
- Length approx. 22mm (0.85 inch),
- Width approx. 20mm (0.8 inch),
- Thickness approx. 5 - 6mm (0.2 - 0.25 inch),
- Weight 1 - 1.2g. (0.035 -  0.04oz).
- Please note that as amber is quite brittle then do not use a metal clasp to hang them, just use a leather thong, or linen cord.