Fenrir Ragnarok Copper Viking Arm Ring - Viking Jewelry
Inage of the Gosforth Cross from Cumbria, UK

Fenrir Ragnarok Copper Viking Arm Ring

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Víðarr and Fenrir Viking Arm Ring in Copper

Inspired by artwork on the Gosforth Cross in Cumbria. It depicts Víðarr (Odin's son. God of vengeance.and rebirth) killing Fenrir the wolf at Ragnarok. During Ragnarok, the gods and the giants battled and almost all everyone was killed. Odin was devoured by the wolf Fenrir. Víðarr attacked the wolf to avenge his father’s death. He wore a special shoe that had been crafted for this particular moment with which he kicked open the wolf’s lower jaw, and whilst holding the beast’s upper jaw open chopped and hacked its mouth to pieces.

Size: To fit wrist circumference 18 - 21cm (7 - 8.5 inch).

Made from 3mm thick copper.

Antiqued & waxed to give it a beautiful authentic finish.

Weight - 100 - 110g (3.5 - 3.9oz).

Solid & chunky!