Silver Replica Viking Arm Ring From Falster - Viking Bracelets

Silver Replica Viking Arm Ring from Falster

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Copy of massive cast arm ring in very high relief, from Falster, Denmark.

Viking arm rings signified a Viking warrior's right of passage and a symbol of manhood. They were worn either just above the elbow or just above the bicep and a Viking warrior's experience was signified by the amount of arm rings that he, or she wore. Many of our Viking armrings are direct replicas of orignal Viking finds and others use designs from genuine Viking artefacts.

  • This is one of the best arm rings that you'll ever see!
  • Made to order by a master craftsman in 2-4 weeks.
  • A particularly fine example of a replica armring from Falster in Denmark.
  • Circumference is 19.5cm, (7.75 inch), but can be made to measure your wrist / arm.
  • Weight 175g (6.2oz).