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Brass Runic Viking Love Bracelet - Viking Jewelry
Wearing our Runic Viking Love Poem Bracelet - Viking Jewelry
Elder Futhark Rune Descriptions

Runic Viking Love Poem Bracelet

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Handmade Copper Alloy Viking bracelet / armband / arm ring with a runic inscription.

A Viking Love Poem written in Old Norse Runes, which reads:


Mun þú mik,
man ek þik.
Unn þú mér,
ann ek þér.

‘Remember me,
I remember you.
Love me,
I love you’.

Bracelet thickness 1.5mm.
Width 25mm (1 inch).
Weight 49g (1.7oz).

Sizes: To fit wrist circumference 16 - 19cm (6.3 - 7.5cm) as you can open it up or close together for a perfect fit.