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3Mm Round Natural Leather Thong - 50M (164Ft) - Viking Leather Crafts
3Mm Round Natural Leather Thong - 1M (3.3Ft) Length - Viking Leather Crafts

3mm Round Natural Leather Thong

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Round natural leather thong in 3mm width.

  • Great for hanging light to heavy pendants & for heavy duty leather work jobs.
  • You can also use these as boot laces.
  • Available in 1m (3.3ft) lengths, or a full 50m (164ft) reel.
  • A continuous length will be sent to you based on how many metres you add to you basket, but 1 metre (3.3ft) is more than enough for 1 pendant.
  • Available in black & natural in 1mm,  2mm & 3mm widths, plus 5mm widths in black for those really heavy duty jobs!