How Odin Sacrificed his Eye at Mimir's Well - Viking Dragon Blogs
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How Odin Sacrificed his Eye at Mimir's Well

As Odin sat on his high seat pondering the cosmos he was disturbed by certain whisperings among the branches of the great world tree Yggdrasil, the mighty tree that holds all the nine worlds in it...
Game of Thrones Horn Beer Mugs - Viking Dragon Blogs
Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Horn Beer Mugs

Our 'Game of Thrones' horn mugs continue a tradition in the use of horns for feasting that dates back at least to the Viking Age when celebrations and fellowship around beer and mead were commonpl...
Looking Into on of our Gotland Crystal Pendants - The Viking Dragon Blog
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Gotland Crystal Pendants

Silver Gotlandic Viking pendants with a moveable crystal ball. These Crystal Pendants are a beautiful example of the craftsmanship that went in to creating Viking Jewelry and art.   Our Crystal V...
The Jomsberg Vikings in Wolin, Poland in the Old Days - Viking Dragon Blogs
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Welcome to The Viking Dragon

From 'Jelling Dragon' to 'The Viking Dragon', our new website 'The Viking Dragon' is a fresh design that has been created due to customer demand and showcases all of our best and most popular prod...