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Viking Festivals & Viking Markets 2021

2021 European Viking Festivals - in Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Germany at present.

2021 Viking Festivals in Scandinavia and Northern Europe.

Due to COVID-19 many Viking festivals are still cancelled for 2021 but we are working to see if any events are still going ahead and will list them here. If you know of, or are organising an event, then please leave a comment on this page and we will list your event here.

April / May 2021

Ribe Viking Market 2021 - Ribe, Denmark Ribe Viking Market 2021 - Ribe, Denmark

Ribe International Viking Market 2021 - Denmark

30th April to 2nd May 2021 (3 Days)

1300 years ago, in Viking Age Ribe, the market place by Ribe River was an exciting and tremendously important place. Vikings and other good people came from far and wide to trade and exchange goods right here. The market was known throughout the world, and as it attracted very skilled craftsmen the place buzzed with life. And that's how Ribe was born.

At the International Viking Market you can experience the truly authentic market atmosphere. You will be right in the middle of Viking Age Ripa with its smell of smoke, food and horses, and the sounds of many different languages and of Vikings roaring can be heard throughout the site. Strike a good bargain at the stalls, meet the Icelandic horses, try your aim at archery, and watch the wild battle shows.


June 2021

Avaldnes Viking Festival Norway - June 2021

Viking Festival at Avaldsnes 2021 - Norway

11th to 13th June (3 Days) - CANCELLED

The Viking Festival, Avaldsnes has become the biggest Viking Festival at the West Coast of Norway. The Viking Farm will  be populated by more than 200 Vikings from all over Europe, living in their tents. The Viking Festival takes place at The Viking Farm, a 15. minutes walk from the Nordvegen History Centre and St. Olav church.

Vikings with lovely crafts will be selling their goods and there will be food for sale to tempt your taste spuds. Angry Vikings are fighting in the theater to the audience’s excitement. You can also experience other entertainers, such as storytellers and music for your senses. You can also actively participate in archery, horseback riding, workshops and so on.


July 2021


Haithabu Viking Summer Market July 2021

Haithabu Viking Summer Market July 2021 - Germany

15th to 18th July 2021 (4 days)

Viking craftsmen and merchants are coming back to the former trade metropolis at the Schlei Fjord. Viking age crafts and trading goods are crucial elements of our market days.

Our reenactors, craftsmen and goods come from all over Europe, from high Scandinavia to the deep Baltic region. Authentic crafts in authentic atmosphere, this is the goal of the summer market in Germany‘s only viking museum.

Meet the vikings – here in Hedeby, where they lived, worked and traded their goods 1000 years ago. Let them take you back into times, where crafts and trading had its high times, and where skills were needed, that today hardly anybody knows.
From precious jewellery to fine fur, all those things from many countries and cultures are going to be traded or produced on the market.
Many finds from the viking age are definitely not from this region. They were traded to our coasts, and this is the way we do it nowadays as well.

Find out how a nail is produced, a bed is built, which weapons and armor the vikings carried. There is so much to discover on the market.

The smell of the blacksmith‘s fire wafts through the area, people are weaving, dyeing, sewing, making iron, building chains, doing wood turning, carving; Shoes are sewn and stone is worked, Bows are built and nets are formed – here craft is given a new life! Authentic goods are made with authentic tools and materials.


Saltvik Viking Market Finland 2021


Saltvik Viking Market July 2021 - Finland

30th to 31st July 2021 (2 days)

Fornföreningen Fibulas Viking Village - Åland - Sweden

Saltvik Viking Market in Kvarnbo, 30th - 31st of July!
We welcome merchants, craftspeople, reenactors, viking fighters and visitors to Fornföreningen Fibulas Viking Village for the traditional Saltvik Viking Market!


Saltr Viking Market - Norway 2021


Saltr Viking Market July 2021 - Norway

31st July to 1st August 2021 (2 days)

Bratten, Bodø - Norway

Saltr vikingmarked is a voluntary organization whose purpose is to convey culture, tradition and crafts from the Viking Age to children and young people, with a special focus on northern Norwegian history. Saltr vikingmarked was founded in October 2018 by Marianne Ilstad, Christel Meyer and Maciej Emil Kulosa, who all have several years of experience from various teams and groups that reconstruct Norwegian and Polish Viking Age and the Middle Ages.



August / September 2021

Largs Viking Festival August 2021 - Scotland, UK

Largs Viking Festival 2021 - Scotland, UK

28th, 29th August & 3rd, 4th, 5th September 2021 (5 Days)

Started in 1980 this Annual Festival marks the 1263 Battle of Largs, the last mainland battle between the Scots and Norse.
Each year the living history Viking Village is open to the public so that they can get a glimpse of what life would have been like in a 13th Century Viking Village.
Come and talk to them about their way of life; learn about how they made their clothes, weapons, jewellery and food. Ask the Vikings about their religion, beliefs, homes, crafts, ships, their homeland and why they left it…


October 2021

Boyne Valley Viking Experience

Boyne Valley Viking Experience - Ireland October 2021

2nd October 2021 (1 Day)

A family day out - The inaugural Boyne Valley Viking Experience, by telling the story of Vikings through living history displays, Viking age traders and crafts, warriors in battles, long ship display, music and more, will lead to a major event in 2022.


Stonham Barns Viking & Saxon Festival October 2021 - Suffolk, England, UK

Stonham Barns Viking & Saxon Festival October 2021 - Suffolk, England, UK

16th October 2021 (1 Day)

Come to Stonham Barns Park for this fantastic one-day event celebrating all things Saxon & Viking.
There will be over 15 different re-enactment groups from around the country which will descend on the Stonham Barns Showground creating a living history camp made up solely of the Saxon and Viking period – What is referred to as ‘The Dark Ages’.
Each group will give an insight into the way of life and the culture. There will be lots going on, including cooking, weaving, leathercraft, woodwork, blacksmithing, herbalists, Saga storytelling and Rune readings. Visitors will be able to participate in ‘have a go’ sessions, which will include archery and axe throwing, all handled under supervision by certified instructors.
Re-enactment displays and battles will take place in the show ring from Midday until approx. 5.30pm followed by a BIG BATTLE finale.
A torchlight parade will follow including the fantastic spectacle of the ceremonial burning of a Viking boat.
In the Barn, there will be activities throughout the day including screenings of Hollywood Viking themed films, local interest Dark Age films, talks on weaving, way of life, demos, and crafts. There will be live folk music and children’s activities including face painting and pretend shield, sword and helmet making.
The licenced bar will be open throughout the event.
There will be hot and cold refreshments and food available to purchase.
Come and celebrate the Dark Ages at Stonham Barns Park!




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Kymsummer Scarce

Kymsummer Scarce

Hi loved this event this year will be going next year absolutely wonderful

Hi loved this event this year will be going next year absolutely wonderful

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