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The Norns

       The Norns are female beings that that live in a hall by the well of Urd. They throw lots, carve runes, water the world tree Yggdrasil to keep it healthy and green and they weave the fates of all men and gods.


      The Norns Spinning the Yarns of Fate - Viking Dragon Blogs


         The Norns are named Urd, Verdandi and Skuld ('that which was', 'that which is becoming' and 'what will be'). They place a rooster atop Yggdrasil every morning to wake the gods with it’s crowing.


      The Norns under the great tree Yggdrasil - The Viking Dragon Blogs


          Nothing happens in the cosmos that the Norns do not weave into the web of existence though they are never likely to change the fate of a person once it is woven, even with prayer and sacrifice.


      The Norns Commiting Sacrifice - The Viking Dragon Blog


         It is said that at everyone’s birth a Norn is present and traditionally the mother was fed 'Norn Pudding.' This food was also made as an offering to the Norns to gain their favor at the birth.