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Gotland Crystal Pendants

Silver Gotlandic Viking pendants with a moveable crystal ball.

These Crystal Pendants are a beautiful example of the craftsmanship that went in to creating Viking Jewelry and art.

Gotland Crystal Ball Pendant Reflection - Crystal Pendants


Our Crystal Viking pendants are made from balls of natural quartz crystal that have been polished and mounted in solid silver with intricate filigree design and are replicas of artifacts that have been found in Gotland, Sweden.


Crystal Ball Pendant with Silver Filigree Casing - Viking Pendants

Pendants such as these have been found in various Gotland hoards, and the decoration of the mount is characteristically Slav. However, as similar pendants have not been found in Slav hoards it is likely that they were made late in the Viking age in Gotland, reflecting the island’s close contacts with Eastern Europe.

Gotland Crystal Pendants from The Viking Dragon

We often stock the crystal lens pedants too and there have been a number of suggestions for alternative uses of these items, such as magnifying lenses, reading stones, and even as fire starters, but we love them just as a beautiful and ornate jewelry piece.

Crystal Ball Pendants with Silver Filigree Casing - The Viking Dragon

They are as stunning now as they were in days of the Vikings and can be worn as either authentic replica Viking jewelry, or just as a stunning pendant that will bring that extra sparkle to your outfit.

Available in various sizes from 12mm (0.5 inch) to 30mm (1.4 inch), we often stock the 12mm & 18mm ball versions, but from time to time we get the larger versions and also the flatter lens types too.