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Hand-Forged Iron Viking Ring on RockHand-Forged Iron Viking Rings on Hand
Wikingerring aus Eisen
Iron Snake / Serpent Ring - Viking RingsIron Snake / Serpent Ring on Finger
Eisenschlange / Schlangenring
Replica Ring with Embossed Viking Design in Bronze or Silver - Viking JewelryReplica Embossed Viking Ring - Silver - Bronze - Viking Rings
Geprägter Replik-Wikingerring
AngebotspreisAb £18.00
Silver & Bronze Replicas of a 10th Century Viking ring found in Orupgård, Falster, DenmarkReplica Viking Rings from Falster in Silver and bronze - Viking Jewelry
Silver Viking Love Rune Rings on RockSilver Viking Love Rune Rings on Hand
Silberner Wikinger-Liebesrunenring
AngebotspreisAb £73.00
Silver Odin Protection Ring on FingerSilver Odin Protection Ring on Ledge
Silberner Odin-Schutzring
Silver Viking Luck Rune Ring - Front & BackSilver Viking Luck Rune Ring on Finger
Silberner Wikinger-Luck-Runen-Ring
AngebotspreisAb £73.00
Bronze Viking Helmet Ring on Mossy Rock - Viking RingsBronze Viking Helmet Ring - Viking Rings
Bronze Wikinger Helmring
Silver Viking Raven Rings - Hugin & MuninSilver Viking Raven Rings on Rock  - Hugin & Munin
Silberner Wikinger-Rabenring
AngebotspreisAb £87.00
Silver Viking Dragon Ring - LargeSilver Viking Dragon Ring in 2 Sizes - Viking Rings
Silberner Wikinger-Drachenring
AngebotspreisAb £64.00
Silver Openwork Ringerike Viking Dragon Rings - Viking RingsSilver Openwork Ringerike Dragon Ring - Viking Rings
Silver Spiral Viking Wolf Rings on HandSilver Spiral Wolf Ring - Viking Rings - Viking Jewelry
Silberner Spiralwolf-Ring
AngebotspreisAb £79.00
Silver Jormungandr Serpent Rings on FingersSilver Jormungandr Serpent Rings on Hand
Silberner Jormungandr-Schlangenring
AngebotspreisAb £72.00
Silver Viking Strength Rune Rings on RockSilver Viking Strength Rune Rings on Hand
Silberner Wikinger-Stärke-Runen-Ring
AngebotspreisAb £73.00
Silver Thors Protection Ring - Viking Rings
Silberner Thors-Schutzring
Silver Viking Raven Wing Ring on HandSilver Viking Raven Wing Ring - Small - Viking Rings
Silver Viking Raven Head Ring on FingerSilver Viking Raven Head Ring - Viking Rings
Silberner Wikinger-Rabenkopfring
Silver Viking Wolf Head Ring on FingerSilver Viking Wolf Head Ring - Viking Rings
Silberner Wikinger-Wolfskopf-Ring
Silver Ridged Viking Wolf Ring on HandSilver Ridged Viking Wolf Ring - Viking Rings
Silver Urnes Viking Dragon Rings on LedgeSilver Urnes Viking Dragon Ring in Small and Large Sizes - Viking Rings
Silber Urnes Wikinger Drachenring
AngebotspreisAb £65.00
Silver Ringerike Serpent Ring - Small - Viking Rings
Silver Twisted Ferocious Wolves Ring - Viking JewelrySilver Twisted Ferocious Wolves Ring - Viking Rings
Silberner Twisted Wölfe Ring
Bronze Braided Viking Ring on Finger - Side Angle ViewBronze Braided Viking Ring on Finger - Front View

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