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Protect Yourself With our Range of Viking Armor.

Viking Replica Chainmail Gambesons Gauntlets & Armguards From The Viking Dragon

All of our Viking armor products are designed for battle re-enactment & training and can withstand a great deal of full combat wear.

  • Riveted & butted 16-gauge Viking chainmail armor.
  • Leather padded gauntlets & armguards for training or battle.
  • Knee length, ¾ sleeve padded Viking gambesons to wear either as a standalone piece or under your outer armor.
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  • Linen Viking Gambeson
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  • Butted Chainmail Shirt
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  • Riveted Steel Chainmail Shirt
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  • Thick Leather Armguards / Bracers
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  • Thick Leather Gauntlets
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