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Silver Split Ring

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Sterling Silver Split Ring for Hanging Silver Pendants

Ideal to hang your silver Thor's hammer, or other silver Viking pendants on a thick necklace. To open and close your split ring you will need to grip it with two hands. Place your 2 thumbs together over the split ring with your index fingers behind it. Then twist so that one thumb twists towards you and the other away from you, do not simply pull it apart as this will weaken its integrity!

  • Used for hanging silver Viking pendants & Viking Thor's Hammers pendants.
  • Large size: Diameter of ring 35mm (1.4 inch), Internal diameter 30mm (1.2 inch), thickness of wire 2.5mm (0.075inch). Weight 6g (0.2oz). Ideal for large & medium Thor's hammers & large silver pendants.
  • Medium size: Diameter of ring 30mm (1.2 inch), Internal diameter 25mm (1 inch), thickness of wire 2.5mm (0.075 inch). Weight 5g (0.18oz). Ideal for medium Thor's hammers & pendants.
  • Small size: Diameter of ring 24mm (0.95 inch), internal diameter 20mm (0.85 inch), thickness of wire 2mm (0.075 inch). Weight 2.25g (0.08oz). Ideal for small / medium silver pendants.