Viking Age Lur / War Horn - Mouthpiece & End
Viking Age Lurs / War Horns in Handmade Willow
Viking Age Lur / War Horn Mouthpiece
Viking Age Lur / War Horn Front View
Viking Age Lur / War Horns - Showing Different Shades of Colour

Viking Age Lur / War Horn

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The Lur is a long natural wood blowing horn without finger holes. They were first noted from the Icelandic Sagas and many have been found in Viking longships. They are thought to have been used as 'war horns' to marshal the troops, or to frighten the enemy.

- Handmade in Northern Europe from 2 pieces of willow wood, held together with resin and bound with hemp. The originals were bound with natural willow fibres.
- Lengths range from 85 - 90cm (33.5 - 35.5 inch), width at widest point around 8cm (3.15 inch).
- Each one is unique in length, shape and width, with some of them fairly straight and other slightly curled at the end.
- Much easier to blow than our bugle horns and a great resonating sound!