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Viking Replica & Modern Camp Equipment Tools.

Viking Replica & Modern Camp Equipment Tools From The Viking Dragon

We have all the kit you need to make a fire on this page, with Viking steel strikers, firesteels, tinder pouches, tinder kits, Saami reindeer tinder pouches, flint flakes, camp / hunting knives & axes.

Firesteels & Fire Strikers

Hand-forged Viking firesteels & fire strikers. Replicas from Sweden and Finland

Tinder Kits & Tinder Pouches

Traditional Viking fire lighting kits with flints and a selection of tinders. Some are available as full kits with steel strikers, some you can buy without and we also have just plain leather drawstring pouches to use with your own tinder kits.

Flint Flakes

Superior quality flakes of British flint stone for use with steel strikers.

Hunting / Camp Knives & Axes

Finnish & traditional Saami hunting knives with carbon steel blades, as well as forest hunting axes. Great for use with bushcraft and essential accessories to have whilst camping.

Cauldrons, Cauldron Stands & Iron Grills

Hand-forged replica iron cauldrons, cauldron stands for suspending your cauldron & iron grills for cooking all your meats for Viking bbqs.

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  • Basic Tinder Kit in Suede Pouch
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  • Large Flint Flakes
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  • Saami Firelighting Kit
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  • Medium Hand-Forged Iron Cauldron
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  • Swedish Firesteel
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  • Small Hand-Forged Iron Cauldron
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  • Large Hand-Forged Iron Cauldron
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  • Hand-Forged Iron Cauldron Stand
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  • Finnish Fire Starter with Flint Flake
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  • Bronze Birka Fire Striker with Flint Flake
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  • Swedish Firestriker
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  • Reindeer Skin Pouch
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  • Forest Axe
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