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Viking Festivals and Markets 2019

We have always been an avid supporter of Viking festivals and markets and have attended many of them over the years, both as re-enactors and traders. Below is a selection of our favourite events as well as some others that have been recommended to us.

Click on any of the festivals & events below to take you to their official pages for more information.

January 2019:

 Up Helly Aa Viking Festival 2019, Shetland Islands

Up Helly Aa

Shetland, UK - 29th Jan 2019.

February 2019:

Jorvik Viking Festival 2019 - York, England, UK

Jorvik Viking Festival

York, England, UK - 20th - 27th Feb 2019.


March 2019:

Torm - The Original Re-enactors Market

TORM - The Original Re-Enactor's Market

England, UK - Mar 2019.

Dublinia Viking & Medieval Festival

Dublinia - Viking Fest 2019

Dublin, Ireland - Mar / Apr 2019 (TBC).

April 2019:

Ribe International Viking Market - Denmark

International Viking Market

Ribe, Denmark - 29th Apr - 5th May 2019 (TBC).

May 2019:

Pentecost at Archeon - Netherlands

Pentecost at Archeon

Archeon, Netherlands - May 2019 (TBC).

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